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Losing My Botox Virginity

Over the last year I’ve been flirting with the idea of getting Botox, which may surprise some of you because everyone already assumes I have it because people in the non-aesthetic world assume all injectables are Botox and when I say I get my lips done they ignorantly say “Oh Botox?” and it drives me fucking crazy.

During Christmas time my friend and I swapped each other our typical treatments at the plastic surgeon and she got her fill of Juvederm and I went for the Botox. We went to Dr.Robert Morin, who’s also a friend so we went in with good spirits and sat there laughing, that was until the needles came out. I have a lot less of a fear with needles than my friend does, she was mildly freaking out about the idea of needles in her lips even though she has had Botox a handful of times. It was very reminiscent of taking your kid into getting a shot that they need, I sat that trying to coach her upon how to handle the pain and squeeze my hand as I would consider myself a lip filler vet (9 years of it, you don’t bat an eyelash cause you know how great it looks after). Once she was finished it was my turn, I was losing my Botox virginity, with no lube. A few quick injections later, we left the office and went our separate ways, I was told Botox takes a few days to kick in, so everyday until then i was making wacky faces seeing if my forehead still moved… it did. I’m not so sure how I feel about Botox, i got a really bad headache from it the first 24 hours, which apparently is rare, then once it settled in I hated feeling frozen in my own skin and I didn’t even get that much so I can’t imagine how celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Courtney Cox or Portia De Rossi must feel because they are full of it.  A week after it settled I got used to it and couldn’t feel it anymore, sadly not even 2 months later it had already worn off, so as I sit here writing this I am free of Botox and asking myself am I ready to commit to it or wait a couple years? I’m not sure if I am ready to get in that serious of a relationship yet, but maybe we can have some flings here and there.



My Hair God, featuring Jean-Marc Choffel

I’m pretty obsessed with beauty in general but when it comes to my skin and hair, I don’t fuck around. My hair to be specific, I only trust in the hands of true artists (generally French). To my luck I have an amazing stylist, who fits the bill big time and never disappoints! His cutting skills are amazing and his coloring skills blow my mind, literally. He has taken me from black to a beautiful golden brown hue with hints of chestnut to a dirty blonde with glimmers of gold through out it in a mere 3-4 hours. He’s my saving grace, and a good time to be around. I’m lucky to have an amazing stylist who is also an amazing friend. To all my ladies who live in NYC I highly recommend him, he has his own private studio so you feel very at home and don’t have to deal with the drama of a salon and if you’re lucky he will make house calls, not to mention for his stellar skills is reasonably priced. Getting to the point, I’d love for you to go check out some of his work at www.hairbyjeanmarc.com !! 

I’ll leave you with some photos of his work on me… remember I started out like this:

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